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The Harkness Dance Center provides three performance venues for established and emerging artists throughout the year: Fridays at Noon (September-June); Sundays at Three (Sept-May); and Harkness Dance Festival, a five-week mid-winter dance festival. For further information regarding these performance programs, please call the Harkness Dance Center office at 212.415.5552.

92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Festival
Fridays at Noon
Social Dance Parties
Sundays At Three… Dance Previews



NDCA 60th Gala Flyer
1948 thru 2008

N D C A 6 0th gala

As you may have already heard, 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the National Dance Council of America. On January 5th, 2008 we are kicking off this celebration year with a Gala event right where it all began in 1948 in New York City.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend a fun-filled weekend in New York City – January 4-6, 2008. Enjoy the City at one of the neatest times of year – shopping on 5th Avenue, Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center, Dining in some of the best restaurants in the world, Carriage Rides in Central Park and great theatre!! Top all of that off with the 60th Gala Celebration and it’s a weekend not to be missed!

Following two days of the NDCA bi-annual meeting, we will begin the day on Saturday, January 5th with the Organizers Meeting from 9-11am. All NDCA Organizers are invited to attend.

Noon to 4pm will be the United States Dance Sport Congress featuring lectures/workshops from our top couples and coaches. This is FREE to everyone.

The Gala Evening will commence at 6pm with cocktails and dinner at 7pm. Details on the dinner (and also hotel information) will be forthcoming.

Following the dinner will begin an evening to remember, featuring –

. Shows by our top couples
. Scholarships in all categories – Pro/Am, Amateur, Junior,
Youth, Rising Star Professional, Open Professional
. United States Dance Sport Hall of Fame Awards
. Special Awards and Acknowledgements
. Special Awards to our television stars
. Slide Show
. Dancing with your favorite partner

The NDCA is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the world and we are proud to reach this milestone, but we know that we would not exist without you and the countless many who have contributed and supported this organization over the last 6o years.

We look forward to sharing past memories, present successes and future goals with all of you. We hope you will join us to unite and celebrate our wonderful world of dance in the United States.

For more information or group reservations, please contact Jackie Rogers at or Lori Gay at

P.S. If you have any dance pictures or videos from the past (or present), please mail them to Jackie Rogers, 1708 The Hideout, Lake Ariel, PA 18436. We are gathering pictures and videos of our past and present champions in all categories for the Gala and also the NDCA archives. All pictures and videos will be returned.
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Featuring Uliana Lopatkina, Diana Vishneva, Igor Zelensky and Leonid Sarafanov

Swan Lake Samba Girl / by Tonya Plank

I had such a great dance-watching night last night! First I went to yet another of the Guggenheim’s Works & Process events, this time to hear choreographer / artistic director Christopher Wheeldon talk about his new company, Morphoses, which, I know, I just can’t shut up about and am likely driving everyone crazy with! (But at least I’m not the only one! Also, Philip has an interview up with Morphoses choreographer Edwaard Liang, who was supposed to dance last night but unfortunately did not.)

I just think Wheeldon is such a genius, at least in terms of his choreography ...more see Swan Lake Samba Girl....

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